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With nearly 300 volunteers in 12 counties from Tallahassee to Miami, we are reading aloud to and mentoring approximately 10,000 children across Florida each week of the school year!

Florida BookPALS and PencilPALS programs grow bigger each year and now serve more schools than ever before. In addition, Florida BookPALS read at numerous special events, including literacy festivals, museums, libraries, hospitals and homeless shelters.

Our volunteers are changing lives and making a real difference in the lives of Florida’s children. BookPALS are important members of the classrooms they serve, helping students build strong self-esteem and develop good verbal expression. Our reading role models are increasing student proficiency in reading and discussion, building confidence in readers and learners, and promoting an enthusiasm for language and learning.

PencilPALS are giving children firsthand experience with letter writing while reviving the lost art. Throughout the school year, a correspondence evolves between students and volunteers, with letters exchanged on topics ranging from favorite books and school happenings to long term aspirations. In this age of emailing and texting, PencilPALS are granting students a rare opportunity to chronicle their experiences in thoughtful, polished prose. Reading, writing, and spelling skills improve when children write habitually in this way. In addition, students gain a sense of pride in their own writing and in their own stories by sharing them with interested readers.


Won’t you join us? The remuneration isn’t monetary, but it is immeasurable! We promise lots of unexpected rewards and the most appreciative audience ever. Please contact Natalie Rogers to learn more.


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